WildThing Boat Charters & Tours

About WildThing

WildThing is a Sea Rocket Catamaran, the world's premier thrill craft. Its advanced design, space age materials and meticulous construction are usually only found in luxurious pleasure boats. WildThing exhibits such an exceptional attention to detail and has such appealing lines and gorgeous, colorful graphics that it makes all other commercial boats pale in comparison.

Sea Rocket thrill boats are high tech designed and engineered, and are meticulously constructed for passenger comfort and dependable safe fun. The Sea Rocket also offers the best ride of any commercial thrill craft. The boat's hull design is a modified V: its center pod gives the boat the maneuverability of a V hull and its twin sponsons give it the stability of a catamaran. The Sea Rocket is a valuable addition to Tropical Watercraft’s fleet of unique tourist ride attractions based out of our Dania Beach location.

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